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CEO Sekolah AKSI (PKBM dan LKP)

July 16, 2020

2 CEO Sekolah AKSI, PKBM AKSI dan LKP AKSI berkomitmen untuk dapat terus memberikan pelayanan dan manfaat melalui Pendidikan Non Formal. Meningkatkan kualitas SDM dan berdaya saing tinggi adalah visi misi AKSI dalam setiap aktivitasnya. Membangun PKBM dan LKP sejak tahun 2013, mengabdikan diri dalam dunia pendidikan. Semoga 2 CEO ini dapat selalu istiqomah dalam menjalankan aktivitasnya, terima kasih..salam sukses !!!

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  1. Through an in-depth exploration, we uncover the remarkable journey and achievements of this influential CEO, whose leadership has spearheaded the growth and impact of AKSI School. Their strategic vision and unwavering commitment to providing accessible, quality education to diverse communities have set new benchmarks in the field.
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  3. As the CEO of AKSI School, [CEO's Name] exemplifies visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to educational excellence. Through [his/her] strategic direction and innovative initiatives, [he/she] has propelled AKSI School to the forefront of academic achievement and holistic student development. Under [his/her] guidance, the school has flourished into a dynamic learning community that prioritizes innovation, inclusivity, and student success. [CEO's Name]'s dedication to nurturing future leaders and fostering a culture of continuous improvement has earned [him/her] the respect and admiration of faculty, staff, students, and parents alike. [He/She] stands as a beacon of inspiration, driving AKSI School towards even greater heights of success and distinction in the realm of education.
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